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Should I Take A Settlement?

This is a common question because many people do not want to go to trial. Trials are often costly and time-consuming, and many people would prefer not to deal with the stress associated with being in the courtroom.

Sometimes, negotiating a settlement that is in your best interest may be the best option. However, our attorneys’ experience as litigators also helps, because opposing lawyers know we aren’t afraid to take your case to a jury if need be. This is a valuable tool in getting you the best settlement.

Whether or not you should take a settlement depends on your case. Our only goal is to make sure our clients get the best result, whether that means settling or going to trial.

What Should I Expect From A Trial?

While most trials aren’t as dramatic as what you see on television dramas, you probably have a sense of the outline of a trial. The process involves:

  • Choosing a jury
  • Opening statements
  • Testimony and cross-examination
  • Closing arguments
  • Jury deliberation and verdict

How the specifics of your trial play out will depend on the case. We are prepared to litigate every case we take, and are experienced representing clients in front of a jury.

We Work To Get You The Best Result

Our staff always works to get you the best outcome. No matter the situation, we will fight for you until the very end of your case. Call us at 334-528-0515 or contact us online for a free consultation*.

*Consultation fee may be included for some situations, including domestic cases.