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Injured? An Experienced Attorney Makes All The Difference

Injuries can strike at any time. Some personal injury cases can have devastating, lasting effects on your health and finances. We want you to recover not only from your injuries, but financially as well. Make sure to contact an attorney as soon as you can after you have been injured in an accident. At Whittelsey & Corley, LLC, we represent clients in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

Come see us at our Opelika office if you are injured. We work cases throughout Opelika, Auburn, Lee County and surrounding areas in Alabama. We have extensive trial experience, and will work to get you the best result through settlement or litigation.

We Help You Recover Your Losses

The most important part of your personal injury case from a legal standpoint is to recover your losses. Medical and insurance costs can balloon quickly. If you don’t have the right representation, the financial consequences can devastate you now and into the future. That’s the last thing you need when you are trying to heal.

Our lawyers take the time to understand your situation, which means calculating costs for future medical care. You have the right to recover all your losses following an injury, and our experienced team dedicates themselves to helping you do just that.

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